Challenges & solutions

You would like to use intelligent market research and in-depth analyses to make marketing decisions in a systematic way rather than merely relying on your gut instinct?

You don’t want to leave anything to chance when your make strategic campaign planning decisions and ensure that even during the election campaign there is a continuous input of figures, data and facts that ensure that you’re on the right course?

Again and again you will encounter the following challenges:


Instead of relying on your gut during election campaigns, you would like a campaign that’s structured and target-oriented? You would like decisions such as the choice of voter target groups and election campaign topics to be backed up by empirical data? And over and above the campaign you would like a regular input of facts in order to be prepared for sudden changes?

Marketing consulting

You would like to make strategic decisions such as target group segmentation, targeting and positioning in a structured and data-driven way – for instance because you wish to launch a new product or a new service or because you are looking for a new target group for an existing products?


You would like to focus your communication towards the voters which you expect will have to most effect? In an environment where scenes, lifestyles and interests are increasingly fragmented, you would like to address people individually with messages tailored to them?

Online campaigning

Away from the flood of information streaming from TV, print and radio you would like to take a personalised approach to addressing, involving and mobilising your voters via the Internet? You would particularly like to reach younger people where they spend a substantial part of their spare time?

Systemic strategy consultation

You are looking for strategies that will successfully position your company, your party or your top candidate? You would like to reflect on existing assumptions (positioning, target groups, goals etc.) and analyse your main opportunities and risks?