Challenges & solutions

You would like to know how to position your company to make it sustainable? What are your target groups and do you know what they want from your products and services?  How do you stand out from your competitors and which of your resources can you rely on in the future?

Again and again you will encounter the following challenges:

Name recognition, image and reputation

Do your target groups know you? What is your company’s image and what is its reputation?

 Competition analysis

How do people see your company compared with the competition? What are your strengths and weaknesses compared with the competition and how can you give yourself a head start?

Customer and employee satisfaction

Do you know the needs of your customers and employees? What potentials are there and how can you best promote them?

Brand research and positioning

What does your brand stand for and how do you position it to make it sustainable? Do your target groups perceive your brand they way you want them to, or are there differences between its actual and target position?


Do you need valid data about people with a migration background? Are you interested in the needs, attitudes and values of these people – especially since hardly any empirical data are currently available for this segment of the population?

Plagiarism tests and expert reports

You need a demoscopic survey to protect a brand or to uncover plagiarism? This is a sensitive matter, because the patent office wants, and rightly so, such reports to be drawn up by a well-known and respectable opinion research institute.

Product, needs and acceptance analysis

Do you really know your target groups’ wishes and do your products and services meet these standards? In what areas is there a need for action?

Trend research and market development

What might the world look like for your company in three or five years’ time, what are the trends that will probably have become established?

Advertising material and communication test

How is your campaign or your message received by your target groups? Do you use effective advertising material and means of communication?

Economic climate, spending power and motives

Who buys your products where and when, and at what price? Do you put off buying a car to when times are better, but when it comes to consumer electronics, people are busy investing? What are the defining buying motives?

Target group and lifestyle analysis

Which are your target groups and what characterises them? What are your target groups’ predominant needs and lifestyles?