Challenges & solutions

You are looking for high-quality content in order to provide your audience, your readers and listeners, with a good mix of information and entertainment?

You would like to use in-depth analyses and expert opinions to present economic and political events in a comprehensive way or explain social phenomena? In a way that’s short, precise and to the point?

Photo: Peter Hajek at ATV Meine Wahl


Again and again you will encounter the following challenges:

Data from market and opinion research

You are a journalist or spokesperson and are looking for empirical data on political, economic and social topics to back up your analyses, commentary or speeches?

Public versus published opinion

What about public and published opinion? What is the current prevailing mood in the country and how does the media contribute? And do the messages from the media in fact reach the people?

Reader survey (copy test)

How do the readers and listeners see your media publication? Which needs do you as media manager already meet and where is there a need for action?

Media work

You are looking for support in communicating your topics in the media? You need an expert who is able to explain your figures, data and facts in a comprehensible and concise way? A media pro who understands the needs of journalists?

Social Media, Web 2.0

You would like to canvass your customers’ opinion in the virtual world? You are looking for meaningful data online? You would like to know what bloggers think about you or your customers and their products?

Trend research

What is the country’s current political and economic mood? What are the socio-political topics that will define the media events of the coming years?