Challenges & solutions

How do the relevant target groups view your party or organisation and what are the predominant expectations?

Would you like to successfully raise issues and become an opinion leader instead of responding to your competitors’ unfair criticism?

Photo: Federal President Heinz Fischer with Peter Hajek at ATV Meine Wahl


Again and again, you will encounter the following challenges:

Agenda setting and agenda surfing

What are the contents with which you can best reach your target groups? Which topics over and above daily business will play a role in the future?

Name recognition, image and reputation

How well-known is your candidate? What is your party’s or organisation’s image and what about its reputation? What measures will have the greatest cost-benefit impact?

Communication, marketing and advertising

You would like to know how your advertising material and means of communication are received by your target groups? Have your messages been taken notice of and was the tenor of a certain media news report interpreted properly by your voters?

Competition analysis

How is your candidate or your party perceived compared to your competitors? How do your voters view current political affairs? Which topics are associated with whom?

Strategic survey research

You are looking for facts and figures that allow you to assess your candidate’s or party’s chances of winning and risks? You need topics and a communication strategy for election campaigns or other political campaigns? And you would like to use man hours and financial resources efficiently?

Trend and social research

What might our society look like in three or five years’ time and which political trend will probably have become established? Which expectations do you need to respond to and what are the resulting opportunities for your party or organisation?

Target groups, stakeholders and lifestyles

Who exactly are your voters and what expectations are placed on your party? What are these people’s attitudes and values and what does this mean for your communication?